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Keystroke acquires QsalesData from Effective Solutions

ccounting and CRM have always been a natural coupling. CRM products generally manage pipeline data for pre-sales and projected sales, while accounting manages actual sales data, or what can be described as "post sales".

It is for this reason that Keystroke is so excited to announce the acquisition of two of the Act! industries leading QuickBooks integration products - QSales Data and QSales Billing Module from Effective Solutions. These products were the pioneers in integrating QuickBooks and Act! from the early days of SQL, and continue to deliver cutting edge features for Act! users across the globe. QSales Data, which shall be rebranded "Qsales for Act!", provides support for Canadian, American, and UK versions of QuickBooks, and delivers the following features for Act! users:QSALES new tile side

  • Link records between Act! and QuickBooks
  • Synchronize Contact field updates between Act! and QuickBooks
  • Create QB Customers from Records in Act!
  • Create Quickbooks Invoices, Estimates, Sales Orders, and Sales Receipts from Act!
  • Convert Act! Opportunities to QB Transactions
  • View Quickbooks Sales Transactions, as well as the last 5 Years of Sales Totals in Act!
  • View Past Due Balance information and Last Invoice Date in Act!
  • Data resides in Act! fields so your Act! users won’t need access to QB to view Sales Data in Act!
  • All Data Synchronizes out to Act! Remote Databases

Click HERE to learn more about Qsales for Act!, or click HERE to watch a product video overview.

Act! and QuickBooks share a common feature in that both have products for the desktop and cloud, yet the majority of the users for each product continue to prefer desktop access. This is why we feel the hundreds of thousands of current Act! users will embrace an accounting integration solution that seamlessly tethers these two popular desktop software products together for improved user efficiency and visibility.   

Commercial Changes
Current customers can be assured that negligible changes will be made to the pricing or commercial structure of these products. Qsales and Qbilling will continue to cost $159.95 and $99.95 respectively, and there will continue to be optional Maintenance and Support (M&S) options at 30% of the list price (up from the current 20%). Like before, the first year after purchase will include M&S at no extra charge, but those users who let their M&S lapse will be required to repurchase the product at the full list price to get updates. We'll also be implementing an easy online renewal tool for these M&S subscribers like what already exists for many of our programs and support contracts.

Roadmap for the Future
Like any products we build or acquire, they must either fill a market need or complement our existing host of products, and Qsales & Qbilling certainly qualify on both counts. By bringing accounting data into Act!, this data can be leveraged by a number of our current Act! add-on products to improve their productivity & visibility. Considering the following complementary products:

  • The Knowtifier and Alerts can use "past due" and "current sale" data to automate Accounts Receivable follow-ups
  • Handheld Contact can add blocks of accounting fields that can be added to your mobile software with one click during setup that will provide users ongoing mobile access to critical customer accounting details
  • Keystroke Dash can provide critical reporting on your accounting data inside of Act!, allowing you to quickly see the health of your business and which customers require your attention
  • With a lot of transactional data stored in custom tables, Keystroke can add custom table management features with Tables4act integration.
  • Quoting4act can work synergistically with Qsales for Act! to convert Opportunities to both quotes and invoices for improved productivity. 

qsales animation 4 GIF

In the last month Keystroke has acquired all the add-ons from Topline Results, and now two powerful QuickBooks integration products from Effective Solutions. With these investments, we hope to continue to offer our customers the widest range of software solutions anywhere to help them grow their business with Act! - the inventor of CRM software.