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Qsales v13.1 Update is turning heads & saving money

Since last month’s launch of Qsales v13, we’ve received a lot of great feedback on the features and capabilities of this new version, but admittedly single users have been less pleased. Why? Well because with previous versions of Qsales they could use the same QuickBooks license for Act! as they did for logging into QuickBooks. Sure, they needed both Act! & QuickBooks open all the time, but this was a price worth paying if it meant saving money on software. Unfortunately, with the

Qsales v13 scheduled for release November 11th

After several months of extensive development, we're pleased to announce that Qsales v13 will be released tomorrow on Thursday, November 11th, 2021. So much about this new version of Qsales is different from past versions, including how it connects to the QuickBooks data, and how it can save our customers money on their QuickBooks licensing.  Here's a list of fast facts on the new features of Qsales v13: Users no longer need QuickBooks locally installed or open due to the new

Qsales v13 will be launched as a subscription product next month

As we approach the release of Qsales v13 (expected in early November 2021), we have to acknowledge a few lessons we've learned during this process. The first is this project evolved into a much larger undertaking than we initially imagined. With the QuickBooks SDK being 32-bit, making Qsales compatible with the new 64-bit version of Act! required us to change everything about how Act! and QuickBooks talked to each other, which in turn led us to rewrite over 85% of the program. Qsales v13 is

Qsales v13 is now in beta, and it's a game changer for QuickBooks users

Since we acquired Qsales from Effective Solutions in May, we had a vision for the product that would both improve the integration between Act! and QuickBooks, while reducing costs. After several months of extensive development, we're pleased to report the new Qsales v13 has fulfilled that vision, and has just entered the first stage of beta testing. So much about this new version of Qsales is different. Here are some fast facts... Fast Facts about the New Qsales v13 Features: - No longer

Keystroke acquires QsalesData from Effective Solutions

ccounting and CRM have always been a natural coupling. CRM products generally manage pipeline data for pre-sales and projected sales, while accounting manages actual sales data, or what can be described as "post sales". It is for this reason that Keystroke is so excited to announce the acquisition of two of the Act! industries leading QuickBooks integration products - QSales Data and QSales Billing Module from Effective Solutions. These products were the pioneers in integrating QuickBooks and

Why Accounting & CRM go naturally together

With over one hundred Act! add-ons in our inventory, many might ask why we wanted to acquire QsalesData recently, an add-on that integrated QuickBooks and Act!. The reason is this we believe that accounting and CRM are meant to be intertwined together, and a product like Qsales provides a much fuller picture of contacts as customers. Understand your contacts as customersHaving access to a contact within a CRM application without visibility on their transaction history gives you little

Handheld Contact now includes vital accounting data

The world is opening for business again, and people from all trades & professions are becoming more mobile. With this in mind, Keystroke is pleased to announce that we’ve added features to Handheld Contact that will give you more data at your fingertips than ever before. Handheld Contact now includes one-button accounting integration for both API and Classic products to support the syncing of essential accounting fields (see right-side illustration - click to enlarge). These seven